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About Our Safes

Due to availability issues with Diamondback Safes that are beyond our control, Central Safe and Lock is pleased to offer the Reserve series and the Republic series gun safes by Hollon Safe Company.

"Republic" Series

The "Republic" Series is for the enthusiast that wants more from a gun safe. Though the appearance is similar to our "Reserve" Series, the "Republic" Series comes with ten to sixteen 1-1/2" solid steel chrome plated bolts, 1/4" solid steel plate added to the entire door for pry bar resistance.

Bolting Down your Safe

First, put the safe in the location where you want to mount it. Then open the door and mark the location of the anchor holes. Move the safe out of the way.

Now drill the appropriate size hole in the floor for the type of anchor you're using. If it's a concrete floor, a hammer-drill is recommended and will make your life easier.

On concrete floors a carbide tipped masonry bit is mandatory. Clean up any concrete dust out of and around the hole. Move the safe back in place and line it up with the holes you just drilled. Insert the anchor through the hole in the safe and into the hole in the floor.

It may be necessary to hit the bolt with a hammer to drive it all the way in. If you do this be sure to leave the nut on the bolt to protect the threads. (If you're using expansion anchors) If you take the nut off the bolt and then hit it with a hammer you will never get the nut started again. Feel free to ask me how I know this.

Once the anchor bolts are inserted, tighten them down. If you're using lag screws with lead lag shields it is possible to over-tighten and break the head of the bolt off so pay attention to this as well.

Anchoring your safe down to a wood floor is a little easier. Move the safe to the desired location and drill pilot holes into the wood floor. Insert and install the lag screws with large flat washers and tighten down.